BRUNKA is the diminutive of Bruna, in the slovak language. This cute name was born from a relationship between a brazilian stylist with a slovak architect, who are both passionate about brazilian culture, which goes way beyond beautiful beaches, unique musical rhythms and contagious joy!
Married and living in Bratislava, the aim of Brunka Brasil is to bring the brazilian "bossa" to warm the hearts and brighten european wardrobe.



Bruna aka Brilho

Graduated and Postgraduated in Fashion by University of São Paulo, works with fashion for mora than 12 years and worked for the biggests magazines in Brazil. 
Today works as a cool hunter and fashion designer, photographer, social media and everything else for BRUNKA BRASIL in Europe, doing the whole part of product development and creation in Brazil.


Marek aka Honey 

Slovak, architect and engineer, besides a full time traveler, adventurer, and dreamer, Marek fell in love with Brazil and couldn´t leave the country without taking a little bit of it: Bruna!
Together with Bruna, he is part of the BRUNKA BRASIL team, helping in all things that Bruna doesn't want to.



Ariadne aka Dine

Biochemist and psychologist, her main passions are academic researches and high potential enterprises.

After being a managing partner of a big company, she started to like this area even more and today works investing in small companies as well.

She is BRUNKA BRASIL angel-investor and advisor of financial, administrative and legal affairs.